Bombay Bicycle Club vs James Rutledge

on Monday, April 20, 2009
Another post taken down unnecessarily by the "man" (Blogger/IFPI), so I've re-upped the post sans mp3. If you'd like it, then pop me an email and I'll send it to you.

If we wind back to February 2007 and my subsequent tips for 2007 column (which I named in a very try-hard fashion, 'Bands I Want To Namedrop Because They Will Become Big In 2007'), one of the bands I singled out for success was Bombay Bicycle Club. At the time, I said they "write bewitching, intense songs complete with the most distinctive vocals this side of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah". That is intended to be a compliment, by the way. While I'm here I might as well point that Danananaykroyd were also in those tips and it's remarkable to see them so lauded now.

In the two years since then I've felt a bit disappointed by Bombay Bicycle Club. Sure, they signed to Island Records which is great and everything but the recorded output consists of two EPs (decent enough) and one single (not so good). Until now. This week's sees the release of Bombay Bicycle Club's finest work, 'Always Like This'. A wonderfully compelling mix of Vampire Weekend and Modest Mouse, undoubtedly bolstered by having Jim Abbiss twiddling the knobs in his producer role. I can only assume they paid Mr Abbiss a shedload of cash because the video for the single takes 'low budget' to new meanings. Then again, such an ace single can sell itself.

Always Like This

I haven't posted a remix in a while y'know. So just my luck that James Rutledge (most famous for his work as Pedro and his four hour long Radiohead remix) pops his 'Always Like This' remix into my inbox earlier. I'm sure a lot of other bloggers will be posting this but it's special anyway. Adding a greater ambiance and driving beats to the original, this is somehow both dancefloor filler and chillout muzak. Oh and there's steel drums. Amazing scenes. Can't say I've heard his work previously but on the basis of this remix, it's worth checking out.


'Always Like This' is out now on [iTunes], with the James Rutledge remix on the [12" vinyl version]. James Rutledge also has an album out on the 20th April, mosey on over to his [website] for more details.

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