Count Your Calories

on Sunday, July 26, 2009
Part of the current crop of exciting bands to emerge from Birmingham and its surrounding hamlets, Calories join the likes of Johnny Foreigner and Sunset Cinema Club as midland noise pop trailblazers. In fact, it's quite likely that Calories are a pretty big influence on their fellow Birmingham artists, having been members of the not-popular-enough Distophia.

While Distophia sadly broke up without delivering their opus 'Beat Dyslexia' (it later appeared online), Calories have had a less problematic journey in putting out their debut album, 'Adventuring'. I guess part of that reason is their record label, Smalltown America, best known for their PSB compilations and being the longterm home for Jetplane Landing. And for being generally awesome.

Back to Calories. They've just put a new video on the interweb for album closer 'Forests Of Varg'. I'm not really sure why, it doesn't appear to be a single but hey, that's cool. More fun for us. Calories are incisive and arresting, and with 'Adventuring' available to stream on the Smalltown America website, you'd be a fool not to sample the goods. At just over twenty minutes long, its anxious frenzy is sedated all too soon. In case you're too impatient for that, download 'A Bear A Bison' below.

Buy 'Adventuring' for £8 at Smalltown America. Would also recommend procuring 'Beat Dyslexia' from your internet fairy godmother, if only for the amazing anthems 'Robert Redford' and 'Evil Baroness', the former of which even appeared on an old Keep Hope Inside podcast.


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