Watching The Burglars

on Saturday, July 25, 2009
They're deranged. They're exciting. They're heavily influenced by The Fall and Pixes. They are The Victorian English Gentlemens Club. No apostrophe necessary.

This Is Fake DIY have given us another glimpse of the new album, 'Love On An Oil Rig', following lead off single 'Parrot'. The new track 'Watching The Burglars' captures the same kind of electrifying fervour that the band presented with early singles 'My Son Spells Backwards' and 'Ban The Gin'. Rumbling basslines, dissonant guitars, eccentric lyrics and catchy hooks. Is this still "art rock"? Whatever it is, it's brilliant. Listen below.

'Watching The Burglars' is out on August 10th on This Is Fake DIY followed by the 'Love On An Oil Rig' album, on the same label on September 7th. Preorder from HMV. Download 'Parrot' for nowt here.

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