I Forgot About That

on Saturday, August 08, 2009
A lot of musicians seem to regularly produce artwork for their respective singles and/or albums. It's not often though, that a musician is also a bonafide artist. Or vice versa, I guess. Craig Coulthard is one of those special few, recently exhibited works in Manchester, London and Edinburgh alongside his participation in Randan Discotheque, the vehicle for his musical inklings.

New single 'Daily Record May 18th 1993' is part psych, part beats, part weird. It's almost as if Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip were birthed in an alternative Scottish universe where all communication was in the form of news headlines. All the more bizarre considering the bittersweet acoustica Randan Discotheque appear to specialise in, with two previous albums under their belt already. The Frightened Rabbit-esque 'Let's Call It Dirt' being a new found favourite of mine. Nonetheless, any song that namechecks Colin Hendry (the former international footballer and as close to the Scottish Hercules as we're likely to get) is worthy of anyone's attention. Plus, they're based in Edinburgh and I love Edinburgh.


'Daily Record May 18th 1993' is out on 7" and digital download on August 31st on The Bonjour Branch label. Buying a 7" vinyl enters you into a raffle where you can win band related prizes, like t-shirts and other fun things.

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