My Old Pair Of Good Shoes

on Thursday, August 20, 2009
At one time it seemed like Morden's finest off-kilter indie pop combo Good Shoes may well break the mainstream, especially the period following their debut single 'Small Town Girl' on the tastemaking label, Young & Lost Club. The buzz built up following the release of a clutch of brilliant singles on their newly found home at Brille Records but despite a favourable critical response to their debut LP, the band never really kicked on.

This month has seen their official return, with a free sample of their new material ('The Way My Heart Beats') and a nationwide tour announced. In some respects, they've almost gone backwards. Certainly, the venues they've chosen reflect their early career more than their 2007 peak. But best to fill out those small venues than play to half empty ones. Bassist Joel Cox also departed the band to form his eerily experimental solo outfit Lime Headed Dog, establishing him as the male version of Micachu.

Strangely, 'The Way My Heart Beats' is somewhat reminiscent of Lime Headed Dog, particularly in terms of its ramshackle production and habitual agitation. Less immediate than their earlier material but still along the same old lines. A return to form? No. They never dipped in the first place.

Tour dates from Good Shoes available at their MySpace. Lime Headed Dog's debut album is on sale at Pure Groove.

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