4 Or 5 Magicians

on Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Is it any coincidence that on the same day that the free London Lite newspaper called 4 Or 5 Magicians an "emo band" they're also closing down?*

4 Or 5 Magicians - Empty Derivative Pop Songs
I guess they can be a bit whiny but musically, it's more like a Best Of for early 90s American indie rock. And if anything Dan Ormsby is a lyrical hero. "I wasted my youth playing cricket, pinned all my hopes on a lottery ticket" opines Mr Ormsby on 'Forever On The Edge', one of the gems from the debut album out this week.

The self-deprecating album title of 'Empty Derivative Pop Songs' is another reason why 4 Or 5 Magicians are better than your band. Maybe not cleverer (potentially minor commercial suicide) but better. Impressive use of alphabet spaghetti on the album artwork though. The band gave away album track 'Nice Little Earner' recently and I've upped the mp3 below.

Buy 'Empty Derivative Pop Songs' from Smalltown America.

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* sorry, if you lost yr job. The Evening Standard is actually worse.

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