Kids Love Lies

on Thursday, October 15, 2009
Words: Saam Das

1, 2, 3, 4 summers ago....wait, that's wrong. Last summer at the brilliant Offset Festival, I had the pleasure of catching south London post punk power poppers Kids Love Lies. They've been busy since then.

This week sees the release of their second single proper, 'Under The Bed', following up the riotous 'Count In My Head', complete with ace video. At its heart, 'Under The Bed' is a tender ballad. But slapped all over it is their usual feverish brand of spiky pop, taking on the frenzied nature of Fight Like Apes and the early anthemic infection of The Maccabees.

With any luck, Kids Love Lies will be part of the new wave of edgy pop to dominate the British music scene. A band seeping with passion and a suitably enigmatic frontwoman to match. And suitably foxy. An NME cover surely awaits. First, the NME. Then the world.

Buy 'Under The Bed' from Cherryade Records here or iTunes.

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