on Monday, October 19, 2009

Following up recent single 'Propeller', Kingstonians Tubelord dropped their debut album 'Our First American Friends' this week. And taking a leaf out of Roald Dahl's book, they're running a "golden ticket" comp.

If you're one of ten lucky people to find a "golden ticket" in your CD, then you can go to five Tubelord headline gigs of your own choosing. And they're pretty ace live too, if their recent Offset Festival performance was anything to go by. The album is similarly ace, a math-pop-post-hardcore-screamy-dreamy odyssey.

'Our First American Friends' can be had with any of the following thrown in - a ticket to their upcoming London gig/a t-shirt/an acoustic album. But all those deals are ending very soon so get on this at the speed of surround sound.

Check out a session version of 'Feed Me A Box Of Words' below (sadly left off the album) and have a bonus slice of that acoustic album I mentioned above, which actually sounds pretty amazing.

Tubelord are currently touring the UK. 'Our First American Friends' is free to listen at and can be purchased for a bargaintastic price at Banquet Records.

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