Clock Opera

on Thursday, November 12, 2009
Guy Connelly could be the new Tom Vek. There I said it. It's quite an odd thing to say seeing as Tom Vek could well come back any moment and blow our collective minds. Anyway, for the time being, Guy Connelly is Clock Opera and that is more than good enough.

Clock Opera (Photo: PR)
Clock Opera have generated a fair amount of A&R buzz over the last few months and well, understandably so. Guy Connelly's creates a mish mash of so many different elements, forming a magical electronica of sorts. Throw in a bit of Elbow, Moby and Animal Collective and you're still not quite there. But almost. Expect Clock Opera on a host of 2010 tips lists. Here's the b-side to new single 'White Noise'.

Preorder the 'White Noise' 7" at Pure Groove, ahead of its release on November 16th.

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