Trailer: The Cup Of Tears

on Tuesday, November 03, 2009
Now, I was going to make this post about the new 'Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time' film but while that looks better than expected, it didn't particularly engage me in any real manner. Instead, I'm going to post about a trailer that is both breathtaking and utterly confusing at the same time.

'The Cup Of Tears' may be stylistically reminiscent of South-East Asian cinema, reminding me more of Stephen Chow's bonkers pastiche film 'Kung Fu Hustle' than the likes of 'Crouching Tiger...' etc but it's actually directed by an Irishman. And apparently made in Ireland too.

This is Gary Shore's second feature film and he takes what appears to be a samurai revenge story and transposes it into a '300'/'Sin City'-esque cinematic backdrop. Except there's one bit of the trailer that's in space. A SAMURAI FILM IN SPACE?! The finished producT may very well be style over substance but that's ambition for you. The film drops sometime in 2010.


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