New Noise: The Unwinding Hours

on Saturday, February 20, 2010
Back when I was into slightly heavier music, I occasionally came across Scottish outfit Aerogramme. They split up a couple of years ago. I wasn't particularly saddened by that news. I'm actually rather pleased now. Because it led to The Unwinding Hours.

The Unwinding Hours
Craig B and Iain Cook from Aereogramme have now birthed an epic six minute masterpiece, entitled 'Knut'. A swirling, slow burning post-rock number, 'Knut' is an epic in all senses. Even the sparingly used lyrics become a repetitive motif, both contrasting and drawing attention to the astonishing wall of noise that they are inseparably connected to. Spellbinding. Download below.

While the eponymous debut album (released this week) may not reach the intense heights that 'Knut' reaches, it's still worth seeking out. It's on Spotify and we7. Failing that, they're also in session on Vic Galloway's Radio 1 Show this Monday.

'The Unwinding Hours' is out now on digital download and for physical release in the UK here

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