Singles: 15 Feb 2010

on Thursday, February 18, 2010
While I'm going round telling people that this week's Brit Awards were an embarrasment to British music, Kieran's going round telling people that Enter Shikari are an embarrassment to British music. See below for further details.

Words: Kieran Toms

Los Campesinos! - Romance Is Boring

This is a proper sing along, nay shout along track. Typically eloquent Los Campesinos! lyrics find a rousing tone, and are matched by uplifting guitars. Female vocals sometimes appear to add a little extra something, and this song, despite its title, manages to be very heartfelt as well as very fun.

The Big Pink - Velvet

This starts very promisingly. Electronic noise and little melancholic glitches promise something epic. It is delivered, in a way, though it is far from flawless. It seems a little too compressed, so the quiet bits aren't really that quiet, and when it builds up it doesn't sound as monstrous as it could. It's a perfectly decent track, though perhaps not worthy of the praise that has been lavished upon them from some quarters.

Calories/William - 4 Track Split 7"

Calories - The Mortal Boys by LukeSlater

'The Mortal Boys' by Calories is neither shit nor good. It's just a tad boring. Thus it is hard to write anything interesting about it. It sounds like a whole bunch of other songs, but not neccessarily the good parts of them. On the plus side, it is nice and short so I suppose there is not that much time to get bored.

William - 'Lustreless' by LukeSlater

William's 'Lustreless' is better. It's got more identity, and the singer actually sounds like he cares, wailing on morosely in a way which is pleasant on the ears. It loses its way towards the end, but there is certainly potential here.

Dum Dum Girls - Jail La La
Free MP3 at Pitchfork

It's nice and fluffy. you can imagine 'cool dudes' and 'pretty girls' dancing to this in a kind of dainty way. It's got a good dollop of warm fuzzyness and a cute serving of little pretty harmonies, but it's all a bit too harmless, and you could perhaps even say it borders on vacuous. In fact I just did.

Enter Shikari - Thumper

If this song was a football team, it would be bottom of the league. If this song was standing in an election, it would lose its deposit. If this song was a club it would be one of those shitty clubs frequented by faked-tanned idiots who drink WKD. That's not to say this is a particularly chavvy song, no sir, it's just a shame that anyone likes it at all.

Other Notable Releases:

Ono Palindromes - The Cum EP // Andrew WK - I'm A Vagabond // d√Čbruit - Heart Beats 4 Haiti // Errors - A Rumour In Africa // Alkaline Trio – This Addiction // Uffie - MCs Can Kiss

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