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on Wednesday, February 03, 2010
A new year, a new decade (well, technically not a new decade), a new feature on Faded Glamour. A singles column. Less about dating tips, more about reviewing releases. Hopefully it'll prove handy for my Festive Fifty as well - check out the 2009 edition here.

Not sure about the frequency of the column, nor if it will continue to be written by me (yes, new writers are possibly around the corner) but for today, this is a review of January's UK singles.

Good Shoes - Under Control (04/01/2010)

Good Shoes - Under Control by fadedglamourblog

Recalling the anthems of the debut album, Good Shoes yet again produce a hyperactive slice of excitable, jerky indie pop but lose the glossy production values of yesteryear. The video is somewhat disturbing, featuring female bodybuilders.

Delphic - Doubt (04/01/2010)

Doubt by delphic

The stand out track from Delphic's recently released debut album, 'Doubt' is hyperactive, euphoric pop with elements of We Have Band 'Oh!'. New Order or new Klaxons?

OneRepublic - All The Right Moves (11/01/2010)

From the surprisingly good second album, 'Waking Up', this is a bombastic, percussive demonstration of Ryan Tedder's supreme skills as a pop songwriter.

Plan B - Stay Too Long (11/01/2010)

After you press play, you'll wonder whether this is indeed that snarling, foaming-at-the-mouth London rapper or the latest popstar. But then the rapping kicks in, the swearing soon follows and you sit back in the realisation that this is a brilliant genre-splicing single.

Princeton - Calypso Gold (18/01/2010)

Beautifully sweeping strings and vibrant calypso pop. Could this be anything other than a winner? Like the best bits of Vampire Weekend and Animal Collective mixed together in a refreshing summer cocktail. I fancy an ice cream now.

Lightspeed Champion - Marlene (25/01/2010)

Lightspeed Champion - Marlene by DominoRecordCo

Dev "Test-Icicles" Hynes continues to confuse and inspire with his latest outing as Lightspeed Champion. Jerky guitar lines, epic strings, utterly ridiculous guitar solo - melodramatic pop song? Indeed. Complete with a suitably amazing video.

Stairs To Korea - All Of Your Friends (25/01/2010)

Stairs To Korea - All Of Your Friends by brainlove

Will Vaughan is an Icelander meets Londoner and is also Stairs To Korea. If 'All Of Your Friends' is anything to go by, he's also pretty fantastic, producing a joyous brand of gloriously tangled bedroom pop.

Other Notable Releases

Lostprophets - Where We Belong (04/01/2010)

Active Child - She Was A Vision (11/01/2010)

Is Tropical - When O When (18/01/2010)
Hurts - Wonderful Life (Arthur Baker remix) (18/01/2010)
Chew Lips - Play Together (18/01/2010)

Munch Munch - Cyclorama (25/01/2010)
Cold War Kids - Behave Yourself EP (25/01/2010)
Get Back Guinozzi - Carpet Madness (25/01/2010)
Othello Woolf - Stand (25/01/2010)
Dimbleby & Capper - Slick Maturity EP (25/01/2010)

Gorillaz - Stylo (26/01/2010)

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