Album Review: Blood Red Shoes

on Friday, March 05, 2010
Words: Jon Sidwell

Blood Red Shoes – 'Fire Like This'

Blood Red Shoes
Blood Red Shoes return in 2010 with their "sophomore" record 'Fire Like This' through V2. It's been a long two year wait for fans of the Brighton based duo since their debut effort 'Box Of Secrets' came out, however with the amount of time the band spend on the road that's hardly surprising - there's 33 dates for their current European tour. Whilst 'Box Of Secrets' gained Blood Red Shoes a core set of fans, it was only mildly received by critics and did little to further their mainstream position. There is therefore a fair amount riding on this second album, for a band who many (well, me at least) thought were one of the most exciting UK rock bands to emerge in the last decade.

The album begins with 'Don't Ask', a track which pretty sums Blood Red Shoes up as a band. Laura-Mary Carter plays her guitar with stark attitude and grit, emphatically backed up by Steven Ansell, who must be one of the most talented drummers around. The tempo is fast, with both members adding vocals to keep things interesting, which is important for a band that only have two instruments. The album continues in a similar vein until 'When We Wake', a much slower and melodic song that emphasises Laura-Mary Carter's voice. A particularly bold song to place so early on in the record. Album closer 'Colours Fade' is my favourite track from 'Fire Like This', led (almost commanded) by Ansell's drums, and really giving off the attitude that Blood Red Shoes are back and looking to make a bigger impression this time round, not only with new fans but with the critics too.

Colours Fade by bloodredshoes

'Fire Like This' is out now. Streamable in full at Soundcloud.

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