New Noise: NewIslands

on Monday, March 15, 2010
"New islands are islands which have literally just been created, whether by means of vulcanism, erosion, glacial retreat, or other mechanisms". NewIslands are also a five piece from the Midlands. You might even remember one of them from some band or another.

With Late Of The Pier now on hiatus, it's down to bands like Egyptian Hip Hop and NewIslands to fill the gap, although NewIslands are certainly more serene than the aforementioned bands. What NewIslands lack in hyperactivity, they make up for with their eerily atmospheric synth pop. Space ballads? Maybe. More likely, I just threw two words together. It's called journalism, guys.

NewIslands released their debut single 'Out Of Time' today, and I've embedded the video above. After watching the video, I'm thinking perhaps "kaleidoscopic" is a good way to describe 'Out Of Time'.

The single's been remixed about a gazillion times and while I'm not much of a fan of remixes, I've got the Is Tropical remix of 'Out Of Time' to share with you. For a couple of non-remixes/demos, check out the NewIslands SoundCloud account.

'Out Of Time' is out today, downloadable on iTunes, Amazon etc.

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