Listen: Delorean - Stay Close

on Friday, April 02, 2010
If you read other music blogs, you're probably a bit sick of Delorean now. They do appear to be the "buzz band du jour". But the fact I'm still posting this should till you that they deserve the attention. And they've been around for about ten years so they've earnt it.

Delorean - Subiza (album artwork)
I'm not sure I've ever blogged a Spanish band but Delorean are a good way to open that account. They're dream pop meets Ibizan dance music. Having signed to the True Panther Sounds label (home to Girls and Tanlines, and an imprint of Matador Records), their new album 'Subiza' is scheduled to floor us all in June on a physical release but if you pre-order now, you can get all the mp3s.

True Panther Sounds/Matador are kindly giving away 'Stay Close' off the album. Imagine yourself at the beach, as the waves slowly wash into shore, and the sun starts to set.......or just watch the blissful video.

Pre-order 'Subiza' now to receive an immediate mp3 download of the whole album here.


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