Surfacing: Lonely Galaxy

on Thursday, April 15, 2010
I was going to tell you a bit about Harry Granger-Howell's old band Video Nasties, since I saw them unexpectedly evolve over the course of about five years, but he's moved on and I guess I should too. Harry now goes under the moniker Lonely Galaxy and has his debut release, 'EP1', out on Transparent next week.

Lonely Galaxy - EP1 (EP artwork)
There's shades of Los Campesinos! on 'Time', the stand out of the four tracks on the 10" release. It shares those traits of lyrical yearning, soaring instrumentation and a sense of desperation in the vocals. A heart-breaking epic.

Listen/download 'Time' below. Download the rest of the tracks at the Transparent blog.

'EP1' is out on April 19th. Pre-order the 10" vinyl at PureGroove.

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