New Noise: Kill Kenada - Real Strobe City

on Wednesday, May 19, 2010
It's hard to tell where/when gutsy Fugazi-inspired three-piece Kill Kenada dropped the ball. They were the talk of the town in 2003/4, featuring highly on MTV2 music video charts, collaborating with Regina Spektor, and working with Gordon Raphael. Not to mention the fearsome live shows.

Kill Kenada - From Maggots To Flies (album artwork)
A debut album emerged well after the buzz had died down and was sadly more of an obituary to the early material than a celebration. Which is a real shame because 'Massachusetts Murder Medallions' and 'Red And Black' are two HUGE songs and I don't think the band even play them anymore. Sad times. Since then, they've supposedly binned a lot of songs they recorded with Steve Albini, lost and gained a couple of drummers and released a few singles. Pretty uninspiring stuff. Until now.

It looks like a second album ('From Maggots To Flies') could well be out soon. Seriously. By signing up to their mailing list, I got sent a free mp3 from the album and apparently will be notified of its release date. I'm actually pretty excited.

'Real Strobe City' clocks in at an altogether-too-short 1:53 so I can't make much of a judgement but it looks like Kill Kenada are going back to their earlier, less grungey sound. And if that's the case, I strongly approve.

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