Singles: April 2010

on Saturday, May 08, 2010
Words: Saam Das

This is what happens when you have to write 15,000 words in a matter of weeks. Better late than never though eh? Here's a round up of my favourite singles from April. And seeing as though there was a general election in the UK a couple of days back, I offer you a political funny below. An oldie but a goody. Music chat begins thereafter.

David Cameron Conservative Vandalised Billboard
Hot Chip - 'I Feel Better' (Release: 19 April)

It's a good thing that the Peter Serafinowicz-directed video for 'I Feel Better' is amazing because I can't for the life of me find a streamable offering for the single version. Hot Chip at their danceable best. "Cancer Jesus FTW!!!"? Single of the month.

Friendship - 'Lifeguard' (19 April)
[Listen at MySpace]

I saw Friendship at last year's Offset Festival. They were absolute cack. Seriously, one of the most shambolically terrible bands I've ever seen. But 'Lifeguard' is fantastic fun. Effervescent, hyperactive, bouncy, and more variations on that theme. It actually makes me want to jump into a sweaty moshpit. Also, actually a split single with Die!Die!Die!, who were contrastingly brilliant live at Offset 2009.

Kate Nash - 'Do-Wah-Doo' (12 April)

Credit to Kate Nash for creating an enjoyable song out of those Crazy Frog adverts. Like a more angsty version of The Pipettes. Especially in the video. Bonus points for use of brass too.

These New Puritans - 'Attack Music' (19 April)

"It was September home for logic. It was September, this is attack music." Sinister is the word that perhaps best encapsulates 'Attack Music' by These New Puritans, one of Britain's most progressive and fascinating bands going. That beat. Those back vocals. Scarily good and an outstanding highlight from the acclaimed second album 'Hidden'.

Marina & The Diamonds - 'I Am Not A Robot' (26 April)

I'm not so hot on re-releases but after bigging up the Clock Opera remix of 'I Am Not A Robot', I feel like I should talk more about Marina. But then you already know all about her. "Better to be hated than loved for what you're not" is pretty much my mantra.

Planet Earth - 'Falling Into Love' (12 April)

Another great release from the consistently ace label Young & Lost Club, this reminds me a bit of 'Anyone Else But You' by the Moldy Peaches but is much more reminiscent of Noah & The Whale. Which turns out to be pretty apt seeing as 'Falling Into Love' features a couple of members of that band. A campfire singalong.

We Are Scientists - Rules Don't Stop (5 April)

Just when you thought it might be a good idea for We Are Scientists to go full time with their hilarious japes, they come back with something that warrants a furthering of their musical career. Mostly sticking to the old formula, another jittery and exciting number from those pesky Americans.

The Joy Formidable - Popinjay (5 April)

Not quite on par with the material from 'A Balloon Called Moaning' but a tasty teaser of the forthcoming album (proper) from the three piece. Less shoegaze-y and more rifftastic, with Ritzy's hypnotic vocals still leading the way. Haven't the foggiest what 'Popinjay' is actually about though.

Good Shoes - 'The Way My Heartbeats' (19 April)

Honestly, in this increasingly digital age, it confuses me when a band gives away a song for free then releases it as a single later. But seeing as 'The Way My Heartbeat' was good enough for my Festive Fifty of 2009 when it was a free download, I might as well bring your attention to it here too as a cursory footnote.

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