Trailer Catch Up: Machete, The Killer Inside Me, Jonah Hex etc

on Monday, May 10, 2010
I featured the amazing new 'Inception' trailer on the blog the other day but there's been plenty of other shit hot new film trailers out recently. Including one from Mr Oizo. For serious. And it's actually pretty enticing.

We also have Megan Fox back on the big screen (in 'Jonah Hex', another comic book adaptation), Danny Trejo being a complete bad ass in Robert Rodriguez's 'Machete' and Casey Affleck as a menacing serial killer in 'The Killer Inside Me'. Check those all those trailers (embedded unless otherwise stated) and more after the jump.

Danny Trejo in the new Robert Rodriguez film 'Machete'
Machete (UK Release Date - TBA // US - 3rd September)
[Watch at Ain't It Cool News]

This is the "illegal" trailer for Robert Rodriguez's new film 'Machete', complete with a political message that has something to do with Arizona and Mexicans. Maybe. The film comes from the fake 'Grindhouse' trailer, which Robert Rodriguez has now fleshed out into a full length mexploitation revenge story.

Perhaps because it borrows more than a semblance of plot and imagery from Tarantino's 'Kill Bill', 'Machete' looks like it could be a LOT of fun. The cast is chock full of famous faces from the Danny Trejo in the central role as Machete Cortez to Robert De Niro as the Senator he was assigned to kill. Before Machete was double crossed and left for dead. Along the way, we also meet Jessica Alba, Cheech Marin, Steven Segal, Don Johnson and the one and only Lindsay Lohan.

And if you're not sold by the closing shot of the trailer then you're a lost cause. Airborne motorcycle Gatling extravaganza? I'm down with that.

The Killer Inside Me (UK - 4th June // US - 18th June)

I'm unfamiliar with Jim Thompson's novel on which this film is based but first impressions put Michael Winterbottom's 'The Killer Inside Me' near the top of my 2010 "must see" list. Casey Affleck stars as a rampaging serial killer, with no motive, just "sickness". Affleck looks the real draw here with an ominous sense of menace but the film also features Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson and Bill Pullman.

Supposedly the film was trashed on the US festival scene, specifically for its violence against women but with those aspects unsurprisingly absent from this trailer, my interest in this remains high. Indeed, this is perhaps the best edited trailer I've seen so far this year with a haunting juxtaposition between the music used and Michael Winterbottom's vision setting an increasingly sinister tone.

Rubber (Release dates TBA)

Mr Oizo already has one (bizarre) film under his belt, 2007's 'Steak', but that's not stopped him from making 'Rubber', which premieres at Cannes in a few days time. This is a film about a psychic rubber tyre that is apparently both in love a girl and can kill anything it wants. There are no words to describe how ridiculous this seems. Yet the teaser trailer is oddly hypnotic, although it's difficult not to think of the trailer to "jihadist comedy" 'Four Lions' at its climax.

It's a shame then that the first proper clip from the film is so weak in comparison but it still has potential. Justice (the band rather than the moral concept) fans may be pleased to hear that Gaspard Augé is working on the film's music along with Mr Oizo. By the way, the tyre's name is Robert. SERIOUSLY.

Jonah Hex (US - 18 June // UK - TBA)
[Watch at TrailerAddict]

Another day, another comic book film. This time with a supernatural tinge. 'Jonah Hex' features Josh Brolin as the titular character, a "disfigured bounty hunter" who has to track down John Malkovich's villanous Quentin Turnball. Turnbull gave him his disfigurement and apparently Hex's "spirit crossed over" or some rubbish. Megan Fox is the totty but with Michael Fassbender and Lance "Cedric Daniels from The Wire" Reddick in the mix, there is some other talent on board. Initial murmurings aren't so great though.

Mastodon were also involved in the score if "heavy metal" is your thing, although I'm not even sure what heavy metal is anymore.

Wild Target (UK - 18th June // US - TBA)
[Watch on YouTube]

Bill Nighy is an assassin who for some inexplicable reason (because the trailer shows her to be incredibly annoying) spares Emily Blunt's life and then randomly picks up an apprentice in Rupert "Ginger one from Harry Potter" Grint. Another assassin (Martin Freeman) comes along to finish the job but much hilarity ensues. Hmm. Could be alright, I guess.

Metropolis (UK - 10th September // US - 14th May)
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Fritz Lang's 1927 'Metropolis' is one of the most influential films of all time but in 2008, a copy was discovered that was half an hour longer than any other known version. Now the film has been restored, it's set for a limited release in cinemas and will be out on DVD and Blu-Ray at the end of the year.

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