Album Review: Sweet Apple - Love And Desperation

on Monday, June 14, 2010
Words: Simon Opie

Sweet Apple - 'Love And Desperation'

Sweet Apple -Love And Desperation (album cover)
Jack White’s influence is widespread in the world of rock’n‘roll. Not just because he forms so-called supergroups in which he eschews guitar and plays drums but also because almost every new rock record you hear these days sounds somewhat like one of his bands.

So ‘supergroup’ Sweet Apple’s 'Love And Desperation' features J. Mascis, the famed Dinosaur Jr. guitarist and leader, on drums (although he does also play some great, instantly recognisable lead guitar) and sounds in turn like all three of Jack’s main squeezes. That is not at all a bad thing – a supergroup is just a bunch of people who happen to be better known for being in other bands, and this record really does rock right from the off. It feels old fashioned and might be marred by two below par songs ('It’s Over Now' and 'Can’t See You') but the energy and passion is truly evident. These guys (John Petkovic, Tim Parnin and Dave Sweetapple are the others involved) can play and they play together with an uncomplicated rock and roll spirit.

Perhaps it’s a one-off but maybe that doesn’t matter. 'Love And Desperation' is a hugely enjoyable record about some deep and dark subject matter that clearly lights the fires of the musicians involved. What more can you ask?

Oh yeah and one more thing – the cover art is great. Inspired, fairly evidently, by the legendary cover image of Roxy Music’s 'Country Life' (which in this context may have some temporal significance), it’s a great modern re-interpretation of an old classic. Just like Jack White you might say.

'Love And Desperation' was released in the UK on April 20th. Order at Recordstore.

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