BBC iPlayer: Somers Town (2008)

on Thursday, June 17, 2010
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Director: Shane Meadows
Cast: Thomas Turgoose, Piotr Jagiello, Kate Dickie, Perry Benson

SYNPOSIS: "Urban drama. Tomo has just turned 16, and as a result he is no longer under parental care. Eager to escape the Midlands and seek out a better life in London, he sets out for the big city and strikes up a friendship with Polish immigrant Marek while traversing the streets of Somers Town. Together they discover the woman of their dreams." (

Short (at just over 70 minutes) but sweet, 'Somers Town' is probably worthy of a Buried Treasures feature, which is somewhat bizarre bearing in mind that this is basically an "advert for a train station" as Rotten Tomatoes astutely notes. 96% fresh reviews on the same site says it all really. And who isn't a sucker for a coming-of-age story anyway?

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