Surfacing: The Smiles

on Tuesday, June 22, 2010
With the UK suffering from a mini-heatwave at this moment, I think it's probably appropriate to point your ears toward some summer pop. Today's dose is courtesy of Los Angeles quattro The Smiles, who specialise in "tropical grunge", which they claim is what you get if you combine The Beach Boys and The Strokes.

The Smiles (band)
Now I'm not sure about this tropical grunge nonsense but that doesn't matter because The Smiles make brilliantly infectious music, finding their place somewhere between surf pop and the quintessential British sound of the Sixties. They recently put out an EP, entitled 'Hermosa', to show off their Californian wares.

The "big hit" of that EP is undoubtedly the anthemic 'Cala Cola', formerly 'Coca Cola', which at times threatens to steal the melody from the chorus of Sean Kingston's 'Beautiful Girls'. Which would have been extra amazing but we can't have everything. There are two lead vocals though so arguably twice as much fun. Good vibrations indeed.

Listen/buy the 'Hermosa' EP from Bandcamp.

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