Buried Treasures: Larsen B - Marilyn

on Wednesday, July 21, 2010
Buried Treasures is a column dedicated to things we feel have gone underappreciated, often both critically and commercially. We want to share these wonderful moments with you.

Words: Saam Das

Song: 'Marilyn' by Larsen B

Larsen B tattoo (myspace.com/wearelarsenb)
Today, the Mercury Music Prize nominations were revealed. As usual, I'm not overly bothered. But I do like the fact that the Mercurys always seem to pluck an album or two out of complete obscurity and provide a platform for it to be recognised. Something that we also try to do here at FADED GLAMOUR, albeit with much less success.

Larsen B (yes, named after the Antarctic ice shelf) released the bewitching 'Marilyn' in 2008 as part of an EP on the brilliant Try Harder label. Thankfully, 'Marilyn' is being brought back into the limelight with an appearance on Larsen B's debut album, entitled 'Musketeer', which came out earlier this month.

I'm not sure if anyone remembers The Spinto Band anymore but Larsen B capture a similar spirit and sound to that American band's output with this track. 'Marilyn' somehow manages to be both melancholic and life affirming, even stopping by with the occasional ridiculous lyric ("that's the good shit we can't refuse"). But we'll forgive Larsen B for the momentary lapses because, for the most part, 'Marilyn' is majestic jangly goodness.

'Musketeer' was released on July 5th in the UK. Download it digitally for just under a fiver at Amazon.co.uk.

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