Surfacing: Artibella

on Monday, July 19, 2010
Words: Kieran Toms

Artibella press shot (Credit: Sam Brolan)
Artibella are a band from Leeds who feature male and female vocals (and another female backing vocalist), a trombone, a violin, spoons, a harmonica, a ukulele, two guitars, a bass and drums. Luckily, many of their members fulfil two or more of these jobs, and they manage to remain a six piece, which I guess is handy for things such as all being able to fit on one stage.

The new 'Horror EP' shows off their talents. As you might expect with all these instruments there is an awful lot going on in their songs. Listen after listen reveals layers of embellishments and flourishes, as well as thoughtfully enigmatic lyrics. But what sets this EP apart from being merely being an impressive achievement in terms of musicianship is how well it manages to do this all within the framework of catchy, punchy songs.

The EP opens strongly with some wonderful vocal harmonising at the beginning of 'Palemino'. And from there, to the spectacular finale of last track 'Ever Closer', every song is full of inventive twists and turns. Intelligent and ambitious, yet at the same time enchantingly engaging, this self-released EP is an accomplished and confident one. A potentially great future lies ahead.

Contact the band on MySpace/Facebook to get hold of the EP for but a few pounds.

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