Trailer Catch Up: The Social Network, Harry Potter, The Green Hornet etc

on Friday, July 02, 2010
I've been feeling a little under the weather so this post has taken me a couple of days to get together. Which is pretty weak. Admittedly, I did get considerably distracted by the videos on Failblog, particularly this gem. And Wimbledon. And the World Cup.

Anyway, we've got here eventually and there's been some interesting new trailers recently. 'The Social Network' is my pick of the week, which you might have heard of as the "Facebook movie" but also features the newly announced 'Spiderman' actor Andrew Garfield. It has an amazing poster too.

The Social Network (US Release Date: 1 Oct // UK Release Date: TBC)

At first glance, a movie about Facebook doesn't appear to be overly attractive. But the deeper you delve, the more you find appealing. Focusing on the story of the people behind Facebook, 'The Social Network' is directed by David Fincher and music will be provided by Trent Reznor. Add Jesse Eisenberg and the new Spiderman, Andrew Garfield into the mix and early signs are promising.

Let Me In (US: 1 Oct // UK: TBC)

The Swedish version of 'Let Me In', entitled 'Let The Right One In', was one of the few vampire related productions that grabbed me. The remake appears to capture much of the darkness of the original and replicates many of the shots, suggesting a somewhat faithful version from 'Cloverfield' director Matt Reeves. The morse code at the end (spelling out HELPME) is a nice touch but the music seems oddly out of place throughout the trailer. Seek out the original.

The Green Hornet (US: 14 Jan 2011 // UK: TBC)

I have no affinity for 'The Green Hornet' comics but with Michel Gondry at the helm and the Seth Rogen-Evan Goldberg writing team on hand, I have reasonable hopes for this. Even though the trailer makes it seem a lot less like Gondry's work and a lot more like 'Pineapple Express 2'. There is one amazing shot in the trailer though, I'll let you decide which it is.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows (UK & US: 19 Oct)

I really haven't kept up with the 'Harry Potter' film franchise at all, nor have I read the book to this final adaptation. I assume more of the same, except that this will be darker. And bigger, seeing as it comes out in two parts, with the second part arriving in July 2011.

The Extra Man (US: 30 July // UK: TBC)

Since seeing his silent turn in 'Little Miss Sunshine', I'm always on the lookout for Paul Dano's work. 'The Extra Man' sees him team up with Kevin Kline in a quirky comedy that goes from the sublime to the ridiculous. The latter perhaps best summed up with the line, "There's a dwarf in that picture!". Hopefully this gets a decent theatrical release in the UK.

The Dry Land (US: 30 July // UK: TBC)

A war movie with a difference. Instead of focusing on the battlefield, 'The Dry Land' examines one American soldier's attempts to reintegrate into his old life following his return from action in Iraq. Good to see America 'Ugly Betty' Ferrara in a meatier role.

Red (US: 15 Oct // UK: TBC)

Helen Mirren as an action hero? I just don't quite buy it. Yet another team-based action film this year (to complement 'The A-Team' and 'The Losers') but this time with a cast of considerable pedigree, including Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman and John Malkovich. Old people kicking arse. Could be okay, I guess.

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