Trailer Catchup: Monsters, Buried, The Company Of Men etc

on Monday, July 26, 2010
It's been a while since I did a trailer round up and I've been umm-ing and aah-ing about whether to include stuff from San Diego Comic Con 2010, which has just finished. In the end, it turns out there have been enough interesting trailers to keep everyone occupied for the time being. Including a particularly NSFW new trailer for 'Machete'.

On the subject of 'Machete', Lindsay Lohan has been noticeably absent from promotional materials. UNTIL NOW. She might not be topless or even remotely naked in this new poster but gun-loving-nun is still pretty controversial. I guess, anyway. Trailers after the jump, with new offerings from 'Tron Legacy' and 'The Social Network'.

Lindsay Lohan as gun-loving-nun in Machete

'Monsters' (US Release Date: 29 October // UK Release Date: 12 November)

There's been a fair bit of buzz about British film maker Gareth Edwards' debut feature film, mainly because it's been touted that it cost just $15,000 to make. I'm sceptical of that figure but it certainly looks A LOT more expensive than it is. Edwards is drawing comparisons to Neill Blomkamp (perhaps appropriately as both came from an effects background) but this teaser has a more of a 'Cloverfield' tinge to it. Much more than just a "monster movie" though, from what I've heard.

'The Social Network' (US: 1 October// UK: 15 October)

The "facebook movie" finally gets a trailer with actual footage of the film. And a pretty epic choral cover of Radiohead's 'Creep'. Speaking of which, you might want to check out Amanda Palmer's Radiohead reinterpretations. As for the film, it looks like it will be appropriately explosive. Directed by David Fincher, written by Aaron Sorkin and starring Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield. Can it fail?

'Tron Legacy' (US: 17 December// UK: 26 December)

Some of you might remember that I went along to the world premiere of the first full length trailer for 'Tron Legacy, the sequel to 'Tron'. I was a bit disappointed at the time, after having been made to wait for approximately 17x as long as the footage we finally received. But visually, this film looks superb and the new trailer attests to that. It's going to be one hell of a ride. Daft Punk doing the soundtrack is a massive bonus.

'The Company Of Men' (US: 22 October // UK: TBC)

It's weird watching the opening of this trailer, seeing Ben Affleck being told to stop moping about and that he will win. His redemption began with 'Gone Baby Gone' and perhaps will be completed with this film. Which is admittedly Oscar bait, focussing on a family whose breadwinner (Affleck) has lost his high profile job. Chris Copper, Kevin Costner and Tommy Lee Jones are also about here making it somewhat of an Oscar-winning frenzy.

'The Debt' (US: 29 December // UK: TBC)

For some reason, I'm a little bit unsure about 'The Debt'. I mean it's directed by an Oscar nominated filmmaker (John Madden, 'Shakespeare In Love'), stars Helen Mirren and Tom Wilkinson, and is based on a script which was partly written by Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn. So maybe it's because Sam Worthington's involved. Or that it's a remake. Maybe it's just I didn't really like the trailer, which starts off with young Mossad agents vs a Nazi war criminal, then the Mossad agents back as old fogeys. Apparently, they got the wrong guy first time round. Hmm. The film also features Adar Beck, who I enjoyed in Stuart Hazeldine's 'Exam' earlier in the year.

'Buried' (US: 24 September // UK: 1 October)

I'm normally a fan of Ryan Reynolds and I'm normally a fan of minimalist thrillers. But there's a lot that could go wrong with 'Buried', which supposedly keeps all the "action" within the coffin that Reynolds' character (a US contractor in Iraq) has been buried in. Reviews have been good though.

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