Surfacing: Patterns

on Thursday, October 21, 2010
Words: Saam Das

I think we're winding down in terms of my faux In The City festival coverage, only a couple more bands to feature. Today's band are a more serene proposition, formerly known as Elmo Logic, I present Patterns.

Patterns attempt to bridge the gap between post punk and shoegaze by way of a soundscape of dreamy electronica. With only one track available to listen anywhere, that's about all I can give. That offering is the hypnotic 'Induction', which you can download by waiting until the loop finishes on their website. Or just listen/download below.

I'm tentative about bigging up a band too much on the back of one track so let's hope they can follow up 'Induction' with something as equally compelling.

DOWNLOAD: PATTERNS - INDUCTION (right click, save as)

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