Surfacing: Vinyl Jacket

on Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Words: Saam Das

Wylam's Vinyl Jacket made it down to In The City to peddle their infectious indie-pop wares to what I hope was a welcoming audience - at the risk of over-repeating myself, I wasn't there. I can tell you an "interesting" fact about Wylam in Northumberland though - it was the birthplace of what is now oldest surviving steam locomotive. I have to tell people this in real life, imagine their amazement....

Vinyl Jacket have an obsession with guitar twiddling and don't half love their harmonies. And you know what, I enjoy a fair bit of twiddling and harmonic generation too. It'll be hard to escape the tag of being the British version of Vampire Weekend but with a whole host of effervescent anthems in their locker, Vinyl Jacket may have a chance at matching their esteemed American counterparts one day. They actually sound more like my favourite Liverpudlians Hot Club de Paris anyway.

Pretty sure we're the first blog to talk about the band so far and I can't imagine we'll be the last. Expect the inevitable indie backlash in 2011 but for now, just enjoy the joy-filled songs. Listen to and download their summer EP for free through the widget below. Positively delightful.

DOWNLOAD: Vinyl Jacket - Isabella (right click, save as)
DOWNLOAD: Vinyl Jacket - Got The Badge (right click, save as)

Download a new track, possibly their best offering as it happens, 'Broken Record' at Music Glue.

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