Comment: 15 Years On, Pulp Reform

on Monday, November 08, 2010
(Ed's note: Say hello to Emily, who has written for publications like Faux but who we really hope will become an integral member of Team FG too.)

Words: Emily Solan
"Pulp have decided to get together and play some concerts next summer. The shows will involve all the original members of the band (Nick Banks, Jarvis Cocker, Candida Doyle, Steve MacKey, Russell Senior and Mark Webber) and they will play songs from all periods of their career. Yes, that means they'll be playing your favourites." (source)

So the reunion all Brit-pop kids have been waiting for is finally here. Jarvis Cocker and the full original line-up will be performing at next year's Primavera and Wireless festivals, with more dates to be announced.

After the demise of Oasis, the reformation of Blur and Suede, Pulp are the latest to follow the trend. And being of the generation that never got to see them, the promise of all the hits guarantees a crush at the front that I'll be more than happy to join.

So beg, steal or borrow, do whatever you can to get your ticket, this could well be another once in a lifetime experience. The question is, Do You Remember The First Time?

Keep an eye on for ticket details.

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