Stuff: October 2010

on Monday, November 01, 2010
This is just random stuff that Team FG think you might be interested in. Check the tab at the top of the page to see if there's new "stuff" to check out.

Last updated: October 31st.

O, RLY: Today was Halloween. I'm not that into it myself but hopefully you crafted an 'Inception' pumpkin, that would make College Humor proud.

VIDEO: Wasn't that into Clement Marfo & The Frontline's recent single but the free running/parkour inspired video is pretty nifty. See below. (Oct 30th)

BURIED TREASURES: Might get expanded into a bigger post but these concept images and costume photos from the failed Tim Burton film 'Superman Lives' look pretty cool. (Oct 30th)

PHWOAR: Chris Evans (not our ginger one but the American actor) has been looking meaty in some of the recent 'Captain America: The First Avenger' promo shots. None more so than this one. (Oct 29th)

FREE STUFF: The Go! Team are back. Check out the free download 'T.O.R.N.A.D.O' below. It's a really annoying title to have to type out. (Oct 27th)

O, RLY: Kanye West has released a 30+ minute promo video for new single(?) 'Runaway'. Maybe I'll eventually get around to watching it, maybe you will too. Watch here. (Oct 26th)

FREE STUFF: Carl from Swedish band Kate And After sent me a very nice email so even though I am not that into their brand of off-kilter indie-pop, do pop along to their website and pick up their free EP. (Oct 25)

PRE-ORDER: New Alcopop! signings Johnny Foreigner have teamed up with Stagecoach to do a spilt 7", with a cover from/of each band on either side. (Oct 25)

DISCUSSION: Cinematical discusses who might be in the running for a Best Actor nomination at next year's Academy Awards. I suspect Colin Firth will win. We'll find out in a few months. (Oct 25)

O, RLY: According to IESB, there are more Star Wars films on their way. (Oct 24)

HYPE: Spark is someone I've bigged up before and I'm glad to report that she's followed up with an animated new single, out on Neon Gold in November. Check the embed below. (Oct 22)

FREE STUFF: I wrote about Dog Is Dead and their ace single 'Glockenspiel Song' in June. Here's a free remix of it from a French dude called Lucas, or rather, Les Filles Et Les Garçons. (Oct 21)

BLOG LOVE: Bill Martell gushes over 'The Ipcress File', starring Michael Caine. (Oct 21)

WIN: are putting on a private Halloween screening (with dinner and cocktails) for the person who shoots a short tribute to their favourite horror film that wins a popular vote. Oh and twenty of their mates get to come too. (Oct 21)

SAD TIMES: The Chicago Tribune looks at the death of the video rental store. (Oct 21)

FREE STUFF: Danish band The Good The Bad are giving a free download of '030' on their website, which also shows off its NSFW video. They're playing London three times this week as their album drops on the 25th. (Oct 20)

O, RLY: Cinematical present Mark Zuckerberg's view on 'The Social Network' - you have to watch the clip to capture his social awkwardness though. (Oct 19)

HYPE: All female four piece Warpaint have built up a heady amount of hype now and they're letting fans listen to their album for free on The Hype Machine. (Oct 19)

FREE STUFF: I heard the recent 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' film wasn't that great but here's the original screenplay so you can compare and contrast. (Oct 18)

O, RLY: I wouldn't have imagined that I'd ever write anything about pint sized pop sensation Justin Bieber but I actually found his recent rap video rather endearing. Apart from going on about how he's white. Black, white, who cares? Check the embed. (Oct 16)

POSTER: You might have seen 'The Social Network' (read Saam's review here) and its brilliant "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies." Well, McSweeney's has the unedited version. (Oct 13)

FREE STUFF: Enter the draw to see a free screening of 'An American Werewolf In London' at London Zoo on October 31st, thanks to Volkswagen. (Oct 13)

O, RLY: Guerilla artist Banksy provided a controversial opening clip to 'The Simpsons' which some people suggested was laugh-out-loud funny. I say absolutely not but it was a clever and biting social commentary. (Oct 11)

FREE STUFF: Fancy seeing 20+ minutes of 'Tron Legacy' footage in 3D? Go to Bleeding Cool for details of the worldwide screenings. (Oct 10)

MUSIC VS FILM: Flickering Myth looks at music videos which pay homage to films. (Oct 10)

HYPE: Yuck have a new 7 minute single called 'Rubber'. Still, not entirely convinced by the band but fans of Sonic Youth should enjoy this.

O, RLY?: 'The Bourne Legacy' will NOT be starring Jason Bourne. (Oct 10)

BOARD GAMES: Like 'The Wire'? Like Monopoly? Then you might enjoy this. (Oct 10)

FORTHCOMING RELEASE: Stages Of Dan are releasing 'Gary' on November 7th, which has a pretty weird video based around a popular sushi restaurant: (Oct 10th)

FREE STUFF: AM is giving away a free single through Definite sixties vibe. (Oct 9)

NEW RELEASE: Supported by Strummerville, The Supernovas have released a new single. They're also giving a free remix of the lead track made by the legendary Don Letts. (Oct 9)

VICTORY: The new Harry Potter film isn't coming out in 3D, after all. Huzzah. (Oct 9)

FORTHCOMING RELEASE: Johnny Foreigner have a new EP coming out on Alcopop Records. The band want your help. (Oct 8)

HYPE: Is Tropical have a new video for their forthcoming single 'South Pacific' out. It's pretty good, although the production on the vocals is a bit odd and muffled: (Oct 8)

LOLZ: Even infographics designed to make the film easier to understand, actually do precisely the opposite. (Oct 8)

COMMENT: Xan Brooks of The Guardian discusses the demise of the UK Film Council. (Oct 8)

HYPE: New Gorillaz single 'All Played Out' is proving to be popular. Not really sure why. Check the embedded video to listen: (Oct 7)

STREAM: "Like" Ou Est Le Swimming Pool on Facebook to stream their new album (until the 10th). R.I.P Charlie Haddon, their former lead singer. (Oct 7)

AWW: Daddy Lion, from Washington DC in the US, have made a nice little video for 'Morning' off their new EP. It has cute (albeit fake) animals in it. (Oct 7)

LOLZ: Weezer drummer Patrick Wilson responds to online petition to pay $10 million to Weezer to split up. "If they can make it to 20, we'll do the 'deluxe breakup'." (Oct 7)

BOO, TORIES: The xx have unwittingly been used by the Conservative Party, after a track of theirs was played during the party conference. (Oct 6)

BAND UPDATE: The first ever band I wrote about on here were Little Man Tate. Bad times, I know. Anyway, they split up and now their frontman has gone solo. Not really into it but deserves a mention, for old time's sake. (Oct 6)

HYPE: The new James Blake EP is available to listen on Spotify, prior to its release later this month. (Oct 6)

FAIL: According to The Telegraph, Zack Snyder's not only doing the new Superman film but also the new Spiderman film. (Oct 5)

AN OLDIE BUT A GOODIE: High court japery involving coat hangers and merking a barrister. (Oct 4)

R.I.P: We seem to have lost a fair few prominent film industry people lately. Goodbye Sally Menke, Tony Curtis and Norman Wisdom (Oct 4).

CHEAP BUT GOOD STUFF: Music Sounds Better With Huw compilation Volume 2 is out now. (Oct 4)

FREE STUFF: Download a five track sampler EP of Trent Reznor's score for 'The Social Network' here (Oct 4)

BAND UPDATE: It's been a good few years since I saw Tapes'n'Tapes at the Great Escape when they were the "next big thing". Good to hear they're still going, and a new album is around the corner. (Oct 4)

VIDEO: Ced wrote the FG review of 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' so Saam didn't get to spend 500 words raving about how amazing the film version of 'Black Sheep' is. Go watch the track on YouTube. (Oct 1)

FREE STUFF: Get a 4 track EP off of Badly Drawn Boy by registering here. He also has a ridiculously titled album out on the 4th. (Oct 1)

GIG: The 5th annual Lexapalooza Festival (in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign) is on Satuday 9th October at The Flowerpot in London. (Oct 1)

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