Surfacing: Duologue

on Friday, November 05, 2010
Words: Saam Das

It's kind of weird that a band first featured on a Hebrew language music blog over a year ago would be getting some buzz in the UK. That band is Duologue, probably most famous for having a song ('Talk Shop') featured on that programme of ridiculous teenage debauchery, 'Skins'.

Matt from Stayloose PR gave me a special heads up on the band yesterday, sending me a couple of tracks and letting me know that Jamila over at Fucking Dance is putting on a secretive gig for Duologue in December. Jamila also posted one of those tracks, which would later make its way to blogs like Breaking More Waves. And now to this blog.

The affecting vocals of 'Cut & Run' are going to draw obvious comparisons to Thom Yorke and Radiohead but the mix between an experimental, industrial sound and orchestration means that I'm feeling a Patrick Wolf vibe. Speaking of whom, his new single is out soon.

DOWNLOAD: Duologue - Cut & Run

Shame about the mystery surrounding the band (I hate this trend) but hopefully the more we hear and learn about the band, the more we'll be impressed. So far, so good. Definitely ones to watch.

Pick up two free tracks at their website, along with info on the show and a 10" vinyl.

Website // MySpace

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