Singles: November 2010

on Sunday, December 05, 2010
Words: Saam Das

November saw a preponderance of album of the year lists. I can only assume that this was because music journalists can't count up to twelve. No wonder people are rioting in the streets about the future of British education. Rioters are a bit thick too, of course. Peaceful protestors are okay though. And anyone who heroically saved their best of year list till the final month of the year.

Enough about other people annoying me (we'll be here all week if I go on much further) and onto the best singles from November. We've had another bountiful month, although I have already talked about many of the great singles that have been out - check out some nice words about Rapids and their new single 'Fuses', as well as 'Microlite' by Trophy Wife. Check out the others, after the jump.

Clock Opera - 'Once And For All' (Release: 1st Nov)

STREAM: 01 Once And For All (Original 2010) by clockopera

It's been just over a year since I first wrote about Clock Opera and a bit longer since I was first bowled over by 'Once And For All'. Kitsune have stepped up to finally give it a fully deserved single release. Prepare yourself for five shimmering minutes of utterly hypnotic "chop-pop". Single of the month.

The Good Natured - 'Be My Animal' (1st)

DOWNLOAD: The Good Natured - Be My Animal

We've had a bit of a love in for The Good Natured but I don't feel the need to apologise. We've been rewarded with a wonderful Sufjan Stevens cover and the b-side to this new single. And now they're giving away 'Be My Animal' as well. To call us spoilt is an understatement. Another dose of absorbing electro pop.

B.o.B ft Rivers Cuomo - 'Magic' (8th)

"I need a volunteer, how about you with the eyes?" It's easy to pick on certain atrocious lyrics out of context but that one pretty much takes the biscuit from Mr B.o.B. And while that lyric took me out of the track for a moment, it was hard to remain too far removed from a hip hop/pop crossover track that is simply a lot of fun. Probably (and sadly) the best thing Rivers Cuomo has been involved in for a long time.

Spark - 'Revolving' (15th)

STREAM: Spark - Revolving

I bigged up Jess Morgan aka Spark's debut single in the July singles column (check that post out for an amazing venn diagram) and now she's back with her second single, out on Neon Gold. Once again, a brilliantly bombastic electro pop offering. Like I said before, "be excited, be very excited".

Stages Of Dan - 'Gary' (8th)

STREAM: Stages of Dan - Gary

I'm guessing a few people will find 'Gary' an incessantly annoying track. I see it as more like a cute puppy bounding with enthusiasm. An impressive slice of infectious indie-pop. Not so sure about the video shot without permission in a popular sushi chain restaurant but maybe you'll enjoy that.

Mystery Jets - 'Show Me The Light' (1st)

I often pine for the more proggy elements of early Mystery Jets but 'Show Me The Light' made me momentarily forget those thoughts. Starting off sounding a bit disco, it pretty much ends up as a souped up melancholic ballad with some Christmassy aspirations - particularly in its use of bells and mentions of snow. That might sound kind of terrible but trust me, it's not. Quite the opposite really.

DELS - 'Trumpalump' (29th)

STREAM: Trumpalump Featuring Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) by DELS

I definitely don't write enough about UK "urban" music. But I'm not really that into it, to be honest. And shoe-horning stuff in to look "cool" or "eclectic" doesn't seem worth it. But I have been enjoying DELS. Probably more because Joe Goddard of Hot Chip has been his producer but DELS also seems like someone who is quickly finding his feet. 'Trumpalump' has a brilliantly dark and messy synth vibe and a great video, although the last shot is a bit unnecessary.

Flashguns - 'Come And See The Lights' (29th)

STREAM: Come and See The Lights by Flashguns

It was pretty odd seeing Flashguns described as the British version of Fugazi (which led me to having to rather astonishingly defend a position that plagiarism was a bad thing on the forum) because 'Come And See The Lights' is really not like Fugazi at all. Instead, it's a pulsating anthem with more an eye on the epic than the hardcore. Magnificent.

Is Tropical - 'South Pacific' (22nd)

DOWNLOAD: Is Tropical - South Pacific

I seem to be out of step with everyone else on Is Tropical. I wasn't that into debut single 'When O When' but I'm a fan of 'South Pacific'. Maybe that's more because Kitsune decided to give the new single away for free though. I didn't really think lo-fi synth pop was possible but Is Tropical have managed it. What's more, they've managed it well.

Blood Oranges - 'The French Word For Love' (29th)

STREAM: Blood Oranges - The French Word For Love

It's hard to think of much else but Los Campesinos! when listening to 'The French Word For Love', with its jangly indie-pop and angsty boy-girl vocals. There's obviously a lot more to them though and it's all ever so excitable. Looking forward to hearing what's next. Oh and Whiskas of Forward, Russia! and now doing his own thing twiddled the knobs on this.

Zola Jesus - 'Poor Animal' (22nd)

STREAM: Zola Jesus - Poor Animal by souterraintransmissions

I'd been meaning to write about Zola Jesus for the past eighteen months but unsurprisingly she's become quite popular in the meantime. 'Poor Animal' gives off an ambience similar to some of the introspective moments of Joy Division, with a relentless drumbeat adding to the atmosphere. And she's still only 21. Amazing.

Morning Parade – 'Under The Stars' (29th)

STREAM: Morning Parade - Under The Stars (Get People remix)

I hear Morning Parade are from Harlow in Essex, which is pretty much nothing like 'The Only Way Is Essex' but was where I was born. The band haven't really broken through quite yet but have already been signed to Parlophone. It seems appropriate to be posting a Get People remix (who also released a single in November) as the bands (currently) sound not too dissimilar, albeit with Morning Parade missing a tropical edge. They're basically Delphic with more of an eye on filling stadiums.

Do have a listen to as many of the tracks as you can and let me know if I've made a hideously bad decision in featuring any of them or whether any of them actually deserve more praise.

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