Surfacing: Mondrian

on Friday, December 03, 2010
Words: Saam Das

Mondrian are an indie-pop band from France, a nation that I am gaining more respect for by the day as they seemed to handle their rejection from hosting the 2012 Olympic Games A LOT better than England currently is/are with the 2018 World Cup bid. Shame on all of you throwing your toys out of the pram. Perhaps Mondrian will cheer you up though.

They put out a 7 track EP called 'Pop Shop' in the summer but dropped me an email with a new song, of the same name, the other day. Now I wasn't really that into it but I do try to listen to a couple of tracks from every band that I get emailed about. That probably explains the vast number of unread messages in my inbox. But if I didn't do that, I would have missed out on Mondrian's joyous twee-pop offerings, such as 'LHG' and 'Tofu Farmer'. These songs are like a stripped back Phoenix, while still retaining all of that band's anthemic glory.

The new song is extremely synthy by comparison, and I hope they aren't completly abandoning their intial approach. Either way, these older songs should be cherished.


STREAM: Tofu farmer (Ep Version) by MONDRIAN

Download 'Pop Shop' at Soundcloud. Listen to and download the 'Pop Shop' EP at Bandcamp.

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