BBC iPlayer: Point Break (1991)

on Wednesday, January 26, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Cast: Patrick Swayze, Keanu Reeves, Gary Busey, Lori Petty

SYNOPSIS: "Undercover cop Johnny Utah pursues a gang of bank robbers known as the Ex-Presidents, leading him to the Los Angeles surfing scene and enigmatic adrenaline junkie Bodhi, who lives for thrills. The cop is soon seduced by the fast-paced lifestyle of his new mentor, and the lines defining his covert role become blurred" (

There was some chat earlier in the week about Keanu Reeves talking up the possibility of new sequels in 'The Matrix series, which were soon debunked. Obviously. However, you might enjoy Mr Reeves in this early action flick from Kathryn Bigelow, the director of 'The Hurt Locker'.

To be honest, I'm not that enamoured with the film. Apart from one sequence. The incredible chase between Reeves' character Johnny Utah and Patrick Swayze's Bodhi highlighted Bigelow's impressive skills as a director of action two decades before her widespread acclaim with 'The Hurt Locker'. Here's hoping you're more of a fan than I am.

Watch 'Point Break' until 01:24, Saturday 29 Jan 2011. UK users only.

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