Public Service Announcement: Saam On Mud Hut Digital Podcast

on Friday, January 21, 2011
Words: Saam Das

The lovely chaps over at Mud Hut Digital asked me to "take over" their podcast recently so I had a chat with Nathan Mud Hut on the phone and sent him a playlist of tracks. It's something of a "tips for 2011" spesh.

You can hear me talk about BASTILLE and The Good Natured in passing but the focus is on King Charles, Clock Opera, Dog Is Dead, Sound Of Arrows, Spark and Esben & The Witch.

STREAM: Mud Hut Music Podcast 14 - FADED GLAMOUR Take-over Talk & Tips

Plus, I randomly mention Eiffel 65 and moan about Florence & The Machine. My juicier rants were (thankfully) edited out. Rampant professionalism, as ever. Although I did mention the other writers on here so that's at least something. It's not going to be up forever so if you're even mildly interested, listen as soon as you can.

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