Surfacing: Benjamin Francis Leftwich

on Thursday, January 27, 2011
Words: Saam Das
Photo: Pip

Pretty much the only time I've ever been blown away by an "acoustic singer-songwriter" is when I was in my first year (and possibly first week) of uni and my coursemate George asked/dragged a few of us to come see him play a song for a showcase. He was really rather good. Then we went and had toasties at his student halls. Same halls where Coldplay formed. More on this one day.

So it's understandable that I gave Benjamin Francis Leftwich a pass initially. But he's won me over now with his charming folky offerings. A glimpse of his forthcoming EP (out March 7th) has appeared in the form of the beautiful 'Pictures'. I've also warmed to 'Atlas Hands', the lead track of his debut EP, with its Death Cab For Cutie leanings. Will Benjamin take off in a similar manner to Bon Iver? It wouldn't surprise me one bit.



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