Film School 101: innocent Mini Movies Workshop

on Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Film School 101 highlights overlooked aspects of film and television to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the screen arena. Well, that's the idea anyway.

Words: Saam Das

We recently ran a competition related to innocent's own competition to film a 30 second short and win a wheelbarrow of money (essentially, anyway) and some other snazzy prizes. To help people produce their short, we've been handily provided with a brief video guide to making your own films, delivered by writer-director-sfx guru Ben Wheatley.

Mr Wheatley directed the original innocent superhero ad, on which the competition is based, and provides some handy tips on storyboards, sound effects, time management, constructing practical effects and a couple of other things. All with a pleasantly jangly soundtrack. View Ben's workshop and his innocent TV advert below.

Learn more about the innocent Mini Movies competition here.

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