Short: Fascinating 24 Minute Documentary - 'Lift'

on Wednesday, March 09, 2011
Words: Saam Das // Photo:

It's kind of weird (but also kind of nice) that a 2001 documentary by Marc Isaacs has gone viral over the last week or so. That's the beauty of the internet. The documentary itself has a rare beauty, an increasingly compelling exploration of human behaviour in London a council block lift. I was sceptical that it'd retain my interest over 24 minutes but it sure did.

There's amusing parts, some unsavoury parts, and one truly moving moment when one of the people opens up completely about his life unravelled in just a few short months. It makes me sad just thinking about that man's suffering. But the whole thing comes together as something of a commentary (although doesn't itself provide a unifying message) on trust, openness and happiness in the most unlikely of settings.

Read more about Marc's work in an article at The Times or on his website. And if you get a chance, read the comments on the YouTube video of 'Lift' because they're almost as rewarding as watching the short itself.

Thanks to Cinematical for the heads up and Future Shorts for making the short available for viewing.

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