Short: Gareth Bale Animation [By Richard Swarbrick]

on Saturday, March 12, 2011
Words: Saam Das

I was looking through the pictures of the aurora borealis from Scotland last night, thinking how I should go see them in person next year and how beautiful they looked. Well, this animation/highlight reel of Gareth Bale's performances against Inter Milan late last year is beautiful in a different way. Well worthy of a watch even if you're not a football fan. I promise.

Richard Swarbrick created this impressive animation, combining it with match commentary gives it such an evocative feel that I'd even go as far as saying seeing the original footage is almost a hindrance to the power of this art. Although watching Mr Bale play is generally quite a joy in itself.

Richard also added his own soundtrack, entitled 'Cinematic Balloons' - a haunting piano piece, reminiscent of some of Clint Mansell best work.

Keep up with Richard's work via Twitter.

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