Surfacing: Woodkid

on Thursday, April 14, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Yoann Lemoine is the brains behind Woodkid, who unleashed one of 2011's best music videos recently - directed by Lemoine himself, no less. Moreover, 'Iron' is as epic as its video, inhabiting the same foreboding orchestral sphere that These New Puritans have forged as of late. Seriously incroyable.

The video to 'Iron' is heavily influenced by visionary director Tarsem Singh, and in particular, his film 'The Fall'. Lemoine and Singh clearly share an eye for arresting visuals. 'Never Let Me Go' director Mark Romanek seems to agree. And not even the appearance of Agyness Dean can take away from such a spectacle.

The rest of the original tracks on the EP are far more earnest, almost seeking refuge following the onslaught of the title track. There's a bittersweet warmth to those tracks, Lemoine's longing vocals contrasting the all-encompassing orchestral sounds. But it's still good. Just different. The remixes on offer, from Mystery Jets and Gucci Vump, are also both surprisingly great - and I normally hate listening to remixes.

Here's hoping we see a lot more of Lemoine's work in the future, be it music or otherwise. For some of his past directorial exploits, including Taylor Swift and Katy Perry music vids, visit

The 'Iron' EP' came out on March 28th. Purchase at iTunes, etc. Check for updates.

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