Trailer Catch Up: Super, Fight For Your Right To Party - Revisited, Warrior etc

on Wednesday, April 20, 2011
Words: Saam Das

It's been a fair while since our last trailer catch up and there's been some pretty decent trailers in the meantime. And that utterly ridiculous trailer to new Ah-nuld cartoon series, 'The Governator'. Check out some of my favourite trailers of late below, even if you're way more into music than film - there's actually quite a few musically relevant offerings.

'Super' (US Release: 1 April // UK Release: TBC)

The secret film at the recent London Kapow comic convention, 'Super' wanders the road of the DIY superhero but supposedly in a much darker way than 'Kick-Ass' and 'Defendor'. Not that you'd really be able to tell that from this relatively humourous trailer. "SHUT UP, CRIME!"

'Cowboys & Aliens' (US: 29 July // UK: 12 August)

Consolidating the footage of the previous 'Cowboys & Aliens' trailer, this full length offering shows a little bit more of the scope and action of Jon Favreau's ridiculous sounding graphic novel adaptation.

'Fight For Your Right To Party - Revisited' (Release: TBC)

Alongside the forthcoming Beastie Boys album, there's also a 30 minute short film which features Elijah Wood, Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, Jack Black, John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell starring as the rap trio in one form or another. And there's a shedload of other cameos too.

'Warrior' (US: 9 September // UK: 23 September)

Unrealistic powerbomb aside, this MMA-centric film looks fairly promising. I'd say that's more because of the talent involved with Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton in the main roles - the latter of whom put in an impressive performance in 'Animal Kingdom'. Restrain yourself from watching the entire trailer though as it's pretty spoilerrific. 2011's version of 'The Fighter'?

'Everything Must Go' (US: 13 May // UK: TBC)

Probably less interesting than Will Ferrell's new Spanish language film ('Casa De Mi Padre') but seeing as I enjoyed 'Stranger Than Fiction', I'd like to see Ferrell in slightly more dramatic roles such as this. Plus, it has Notorious B.I.G's kid in it.

'Pom Wonderful Presents Greatest Movie Sold' (US: 22 April // UK: TBC)

Having only recently written about the UK's adoption of product placement, Morgan Spurlock has trumped me by doing a whole documentary on the subject - albeit based entirely in the US. The trailer also features some brief chat from Big Boi from Outkast as well as 'Cameras', the recent FG single of the month by Matt & Kim.

'Daydream Nation' (US: 6 May // UK: TBC)

I felt obligated to write a little bit about this melodramatic indie film seeing as it was directly inspired by the Sonic Youth record of the same name. Not only that but it also has Ohad Benchetrit from Broken Social Scene and Do Make Say Think on composing duties.

'Crazy Stupid Love' (US: 29 July // UK: 2 September)

I'm going to be lazy and say this looks like a mix between 'The 40 Year Old Virgin' and 'The Kids Are All Right'. I'm cautiously optimistic considering the brilliant ensemble cast. Hopefully they won't let the team down.

'Melancholia' - The new film from Lars Von Trier. About the end of the world.
'The Robber' - Based on a true story about an Austrian runner who also robbed banks.
'Midnight In Paris' - Woody Allen's annual offering, a Parisian based fantasy-cum-romantic-comedy-maybe.
'Anonymous' - For once, Roland Emmerich isn't blowing up the world. Well, unless you count this as exploding the literary world.
'The Hangover Part II' - At face value, it seems like it's simply 'The Hangover' in a different country. In a similar fashion to the first film, might turn out to be alright

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