BBC iPlayer: Glastonbury (2006)

on Friday, June 24, 2011
'Glastonbury' (2006) // Words: Saam Das

SYNOPSIS: "Julien Temple's acclaimed film celebrating and documenting the history of the Glastonbury Festival. Concert footage, interviews, archive and home video combine to capture the essence and spirit of Glastonbury." (

I'm on my way to Glastonbury shortly but if you're missing out this year then you have plenty of BBC coverage available along with this documentary - which contains performances by the likes of Bjork, Radiohead, Billy Bragg, Pulp and The Prodigy.

If you are being an armchair viewer this year then might I suggest also scouring the BBC coverage for the acts that I've recommended seeing in our Glastonbury preview. Saves you a bit of faff over actually going to see them live but hopefully you'll be compelled to after watching them onscreen.

Watch 'Glastonbury' on BBC iPlayer until 3:44AM, 25 June '11.

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