Surfacing: Paris Suit Yourself

on Thursday, July 14, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Last night, I went to see Pope Joan and Paris Suit Yourself at London's hipster hangout, The Old Blue Last. While the former put on an impressive show - much like the energetic performance I saw during The Great Escape - Paris Suit Yourself were astoundingly brilliant. They're punk. They're blues. They're jazz. They're metal. They're (experi-)mental.

We were apparently the first blog on The Hype Machine to feature them - describing the French band's (debut?) UK single 'Craig Machinsky' as "quite breathtaking" and one which "induces a sense of disturbia" last November. Those statements could well be applied to their live act - which both alienated and enthralled many at the Old Blue Last.

Surprisingly, Paris Suit Yourself haven't had much recognition despite being the first "rock" band to sign with Big Dada and releasing a fairly well received debut album, the hideously named 'My Main Shitstain'. I'm not sure the band concern themselves too much with their reception, instead spending their time creating ridiculous music and throwing themselves into chaotic live performances. Particularly their vigorous American drummer.

But I mind that plenty of people are missing out on Paris Suit Yourself. They're undoubtedly a divisive band, who dabble in off-putting moments but persevere and you'll be richly rewarded. Especially in the live environment.

STREAM: Paris Suit Yourself - 'Sometimes'

'My Main Shitstain' is available to purchase from, iTunes etc.

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