Listen: Spector - What You Wanted [New Single]

on Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Following up their impressive debut single ('Never Fade Away') comes the new video for single numero two, 'What You Wanted', out in September. Spector once again combine a solemn, romantic nostalgia with early-to-mid-noughties American indie stylings. Watch the video below, filmed in hipster hangout du jour, Efes pool bar in Dalston.

The video hints at a return to the more boisterous days of Les Incompetents, albeit smothered in captivating melodramatic pop. The bridge comes as something of a surprise, and depending on your viewpoint, it might be considered a brilliantly anthemic turn or something The Fratellis might have churned out on a low ebb. The more I listen to the track, the more I'm leaning toward the former. Learn more about the band and watch some other songs at Noisey.

'What You Wanted' is out on LuvLuvLuv on September 19th. Head to for more info.

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