Surfacing: Bordeauxxx

on Thursday, September 15, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Bordeauxxx twee indie pop band

Not to be confused with house music production duo with one less "x", Bordeauxxx are a spritely indie-pop collective. Kieran saw them recently at LeeFest, commenting on their "terrific command of melody and song structure". Quite. Read on to listen to and download their 'Mother's Ruin' EP.

The band have been going for a little while now and feel very much like a throwback to the early days of Los Campesinos! before their melodic indie-twee-pop became more of a melodramatic indie-pop. It'd be foolish to think of them as overly derivative however, particularly demonstrated by the pop-punk inclined 'Bursts Of Static'.

I'm really not sure why this band aren't more well known. After all, who doesn't like a bit of heartfelt, upbeat twee? Perhaps it's a backlash against their pseudo-French nature. (They're very much from the South of England.) Anyway, let Bordeauxxx bring a little more joy into your lives. Download the 'Mother's Ruin' EP from the widget below.

FREE DOWNLOAD: Bursts of Static by bordeauxxx

Purchase Bordeauxxx goodies at Big Cartel. For more info on the band, head to Facebook.

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