Surfacing: Erika Spring

on Monday, September 19, 2011
Words: Jack Thomson

Erika Spring-Forster has been playing upbeat keyboard-based electronic pop since 2003 as part of Brooklyn based trio Au Revoir Simone. She has also been involved with Brooklyn’s all-girl covers supergroup Girl Crisis, but it is only now that she is releasing her first track as a solo artist under her own name (minus the –Forster).

Recording with producer Jorge Elbrecht of Violens, her first single '6 More Weeks' is a beautifully constructed, joyful pop song with an equally pleasing video directed by Paola Suhonen. The song doesn’t sound a million miles away from a number of Hundred In The Hands tracks and shouldn’t disappoint fans of Erika’s other groups.

At this early stage it’s hard to judge how much this track will grow her existing fan base, but '6 More Weeks' is a promising start to what could be a very pleasant sounding album.

STREAM: Erika Spring - 6 More Weeks

The Erika Spring/Violens split 7” is out now on Friendly Fire Recordings. Find more on Erika at Facebook.

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