Album Review: Joss Stone - Best Of Joss Stone 2003-2009

on Tuesday, October 04, 2011
Joss Stone - 'Best Of Joss Stone 2003-2009' (UK Release: 3 Oct '11) // Words: Emily Arc

How old do you have to be to release a ‘Greatest Hits’ album? 24? Yeah, thought not. Though Joss Stone recently released a new album in July on her own label, previous label Virgin/EMI are releasing this Best Of. “Including hits and standout album tracks” - she doesn’t have enough hits to create a full album’s worth so that, along with being 24 and with so much time ahead of her, leads me to say what everyone else is thinking. Money.

For superfans, and with hits like White Stripes cover and album opener 'Fell In Love With A Boy', it’s sadly probably going to do well. Next song 'Super Duper Love' is also from first album 'The Soul Sessions' and is another cover - this time, Sugar Billy. 'You Had Me' from Stone’s second album 'Mind Body And Soul' showcases her original material, as well as how her soulful voice can be adapted to a more upbeat R’n’B genre.

The record also sees tracks from 'Introducing Joss Stone' such as 'Tell Me ‘Bout It' and 'Baby Baby Baby', as well as 'Free Me' from 'Colour Me Free!'. Album highlights 'Don’t Cha Wanna Ride' or 'Tell Me What We’re Gonna Do Now' show Stone’s potential, and is the reason she’s now in ‘supergroup’ SuperHeavy with Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, Damien Marley and A.R. Rahman, thus shouldn’t be releasing a greatest hits album.

Individually, these are good songs, and they’ve already proven themselves. But put together on another album, some of them not even ten years since they were released first time round, is just stupid. Album finisher ‘stalemate’ couldn’t be more accurate in regards to my feelings about this. It will sell, but it shouldn’t.


'Best Of Joss Stone 2003-2009' is available to purchase at

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