Listen: GIVERS - Ceiling Of Plankton [Album Preview]

on Wednesday, October 19, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Sometimes I get nice stuff in the post. The debut album from Louisana's GIVERS being one of such example. Well, I assume - I haven't actually had time to listen to it. I have heard a few tracks from 'In Light' however, and I'm particularly enamoured with the splendid indie-pop of 'Ceiling Of Plankton'. Listen to the track below.

You may recall that I quite enjoyed the debut UK single from GIVERS, the bouncy anthem 'Up Up Up', which appeared in our July singles review. I also was a fan of the Duologue remix of that track. But I think the joyous cacophony of 'Ceiling Of Plankton' trumps them both. Compare the meerkat/songs below.

STREAM: GIVERS - Ceiling Of Plankton by fadedglamourblog

Find more on GIVERS at 'In Light' is available to purchase at

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