Surfacing: Double Muscle

on Friday, October 21, 2011
Words: Saam Das

Double Muscle, taken by Kate Broughton

I'd normally leave Pavement-esque band write ups to FG writer Simon but listening to the quite brilliant recent single, 'Tommy', from Leeds band Double Muscle means I'll just have to save him the effort. They're a trio not afraid to mix and match influences, with garage rock, lo-fi, and punk aesthetics combined with inspiration from the likes of the aforementioned Pavement as well as Minutemen.

Double Muscle feature Tom from Sheffield band Umlaut, whose rise and fall encompassed just the one single on Fantastic Plastic Records. Their demise also spawned Situationists, whose Daft Punk cover I particularly enjoyed but who sadly split up a couple of years ago. Hopefully Double Muscle will fare better.

'Tommy' is the band's second single - as far as I can tell anyway, JOURNALISM! - following the band's debut release in spring, 'Jail'. The latter track is more abrasive than the current single but both are an unconventional, riotous anthems in their own ways. "I enjoyed myself" is the cry on 'Tommy' - me too, guys, me too.

STREAM: Tommy by Double Muscle

STREAM: Jail by Double Muscle

'Tommy' is out on Best Enemies Records, with ltd ed prints. Find more info on the band on Facebook.

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